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That we may walk in the fullness of God’s love and power and pass them on, thus transforming our region and our world.

Sermons Online + Local

We have our services online on YouTube and on Sunday mornings in Erie at 11am, 7pm. On Wednesdays in Erie at 7pm, and on Saturdays in Jamestown at 7pm. We'd love for you to visit us at these locations if you are a local resident or just passing through the areas.

Uncompromised Gospel

We make an attempt to speak the word of God without watering it down – in accordance with our mission: To impact the region and the world with God’s love while demonstrating the power of His Kingdom; equipping people to fulfill their life’s purpose; fulfilling God’s mission of restoration.

Church Fellowship

If you are able to come see us in person, we welcome you to become a regular attender. It is good to be with like-minded individuals to help you in your faith, as in the Bible... "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together... Heb 10:15". There is normally a church dinner on the last Sunday in Erie if you would like to attend.

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